mBox Mail for Mac

Hotmail for your Mac mail client

User Guide

mBox Mail for Mac Introduction

After you install mBox Mail for Mac you will need to setup your mail client. This is a simple process and is very much like setting up any other email account.

mBox Mail has good integration with Apple Mail so if you are using a standard Hotmail domain setup is just a couple of clicks away.

Supported IMAP Mac Clients

Apple Mail
Microsoft Entourage
Other Client Mail Setup

Apple Mail Setup

1. Launch Apple Mail and select the Mail > Preferences menu options (Command-,) is the keyboard shortcut.

2. When the preferences panel appears select the Accounts tab at the top of the window.

3. Select the + button at the bottom of the windw. This will bring up the Add Account window.
4. Enter your Full Name

5. Enter your Email Address. It will be something like mboxlive@hotmail.com

6. Enter your Password for that account.

7. Once you have entered your information click the Create button. If your account is a standard Windows Live Hotmail domain all the rest of the information will automatically be filled in for you.

If you receive a warning "Logging in to the SMTP server failed", please press continue twice.

On the Outgoing Mail Server page, make sure the User Name is your full email address. It will be something like mboxlive@hotmail.com.

If you are using a custom domain you will need to manually enter the IMAP Server, port and SMTP settings. Please use the Other client Mail Setup details as a reference.

All done!


Entourage Setup

1. Launch Entourage and select the Entourage > Account Settings menu option. This will open the Accounts Window.

2. Select the New button.

3. When the New Account window opens, change Account Type to IMAP and select the OK button to continue.

4. The Edit Account window will appear. Enter a descriptive name for Account Name

5. Enter your name in the Name field.

6. Enter your Windows Live Hotmail address in the E-mail address field.

7. Enter your Windows Live Hotmail address in the Account ID field.

8. Enter the word localhost in the IMAP server field.

9. Enter your Windows Live Hotmail password in the Password field.

10. Check the Save password in my Mac OS Keychain (optional).

11. Select the Click here for advanced receiving options button.

12. Check the Override default IMAP port.

13. Change the port number to 9143

14. Click off the entry dialog so it goes away.

15. Enter smtp.live.com for the SMTP server field.

16. Select the Click here for advanced sending options button.

17. Check the SMTP service requires secure connection(SSL) checkbox.

18. Change the port number to 587.

19. Check the SMTP server requires authentication checbox;

20. Select the Use same settings as receiving mail server radio button.

21. Click off the entry dialog so it goes away.

22. Select the OK button.

23. Select the Red X in the upper left corner of the Accounts Window

That's it! You can now get your Hotmail in your Entourage email client.


Other Client Mail Setup

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server Settings
Incoming Mail Server: localhost
Incoming mail server port: 9143
Secure: NO
Username: username at domain (ie user@hotmail.com)
Password: account password.

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server Settings
Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.live.com
Outgoing Mail Server Port: 587
SSL: YES (some mail clients may require TSL instead of SSL)
Authentication: Password
Username: username at domain (ie user@hotmail.com)
Password: account password

Note: Some mail clients may try to save sent messages to a 'Sent' folder which does not exist. Please check your account settings and either disable saving a copy of the message in the sent folder, or specify a local Sent folder to save to.